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Corvos Update #7

Vim / Mar 04, 2016
Welcome Fellow Corvi...

Today marks the official move to our new home system within Elite Dangerous.

The application for a new system has been sent in and accepted. All efforts in Khan are to completely stop.

One of the reasons behind our move was more or less to reform Corvos. The new location will add an RP aspect to our activities and is a far greater system than Khan when it comes to things to do in our new home.

There are plenty of ringed planets to PvP in, mine in or run Haz Rez sites. You will also find more than enough planets that you may land on in horizons (even ones with rings) so this system is horizons ready.

Another big plus to our new home is that there are only a handful of starports in the system with no outposts. So when we lose one of these starports it should be easier to reclaim a starport instead of reclaiming an outpost like we had done in Khan. The layout of the system is also amazing and the controlling starport is anchored on an Earthlike world. The location of the system is also great. I have found various possible expansion systems that are interesting if we ever decide to PvE as well as a Neutron Star right next to us.

The distance you will have to travel is much greater than traveling to Khan, however i personally have never had issues with long trips. As most of you already know i am a Corvette/FDL pilot so if you are in any other ship then you shouldn't have any problems with travel. You will find Ships & Outfitting as expected is terrible. I have never made great outfitting in a system the leading reason to move into said system as the markets can change anytime. It will also prevent our enemies from building ships in the system. So don't complain and continue to travel to your usual outfitting systems to build your ships.

One of the other reasons behind the decision to move away from Khan was part of because it is a dead boring system. There has never been anything to do in Khan besides grind out influence or fight the few wings that dared to meet us in open play. The system itself was also boring to many of our member. For example when the system would come under attack due to solo play carebears no one wanted to bother with defending it since it was primarily set up to be a PvP system.

Our new Leader Gabino also wanted to move systems and believes it will help our cause. I had decided about a month ago to step down from leading most of the activities within Elite so he has more pull than the rest of us. Gabino was more or less the deciding factor in the move as well as the rest of Corvos High Command wanting to move to a fresh new system. I personally wanted to remain in Khan because of what Khan has caused in the past. It has started many trends such as "Burn Khan" and even pushed the community to figure out how to tear a system apart without stepping into open play. For example i recently watched a PC Corvos style PvP group get hit in the same way we had been hit. It involved a community of solo play carebears exploiting the BGS in their favor to dethrone this groups control of their home system. None the less we pushed Khan to the limit and if the community i started so long ago feels that it would be in our best interests to move then so be it. If i were to remain selfish and inactive then our group will slowly die out and all we have done will be forgotten.

I will warn you all that once this system is launched the Elite: Dangerous carebear community will attack in force in solo play. Everyone must stay calm as this is expected. After the griefing trolls have had their fill they will go back under their solo rock to fap on space rocks and trade routes. Just simply having our name and NPCs on the list of factions in the system is enough to continue to support it. The lore i have created for the system will add to the immersion of simply being present in the system not necessarily controlling it or a station. We have a stamp in the galaxy and that is all we need.

As for the actual location and name of the system only Myself and Gabino know were it is. And it will stay that way until the system is updated in the horizons launch later this year. The system was never on the list that was given out to all of our high command for voting, so i apologize if you wanted to move somwere else. I will however post our new system description that will be displayed in the galaxy map below so you can check it out (there are a few redacted pieces of information to keep the location under wraps, those will be removed once it is in the game).

Corvos Home System:

Corvos is an Independent organization that took control of -redacted- by force in early 3302. After careful consideration a deal was struck between Corvos and the -redacted-. This deal would allow Corvos to reside in -redacted- and in return the system would remain under -redacted- control.

Corvos had been well known for importing and exporting illegal goods, hijacking trade vessels in open space and assaulting civilian and military vessels with or without any monetary gain. However these skills are now redirected to aid the -redacted- in their affairs while also allowing Corvos to operate out of -redacted- space.

Corvos and its -redacted- associates do not welcome outsiders. Entering into -redacted- without an invitation is ill advised.

Farewell Khan and take care, it was fun while it lasted.

On another note NMLB Spirit is MIA. I am not kidding. One of our best pilots and friends fell into the Dark Void never to be heard from again. All communications with him has ceased. If you find him please contact me with what became of him.


T J 132456
Roger that, I didn't realize something actually happened with Spirit. I hope he is in good health. Maybe his internet company are being dicks and stole our man.
Just want to apologize for my own lack of participation. Going through a rough patch of life and it's all finally starting to look up. Finally. I shall see all of you soon enough in the new home system. I'll start moving my Vulture over. Hope to wing up soon.

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