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The Dance of Death

Vim / May 03, 2016
I was inspired by Jigs idea for the short movie he is making for Corvos. This is not to take from Jigs idea. I just had a quiet night, listening to music and jotted down this story. I deem it "The Dance of Death"

You will also find this pinned in the General Discussion section of our forums. Feel free to talk about it there.


And if you want to know what song i was listening to while writing this, there were a number of songs, but this was the main songs.

The Dance of Death:

Part 1:

Sitting across from one another inside of an Ice Belt. Karma meets with an informant from EXO in her FDL. Once the classified documents are on board Karma's ship, she fires a PA volley into the informants Courier rupturing the shields and breaking through the canopy killing the pilot inside instantly. Now that lose ends are tied Karma moves through the belt to wake off when multiple Frame Shift Drive drops are detected.

An Entire Fleet of around 28 ships drop out of supercruise. As the ships fall out you can see the EXO decal along the ships hull. Karma looks around in awe as the signature's pop in, "it was a **** trap" she exclaimed. After a brief pause she smiles and Deploys hard-points.

Moving out of the fray to take cover in the belt, shots fill the belt around Karma's position. Their are so many shots going off even a
few stray shots hit her hull as she enters into Silent Running.

While traversing through the belt she passes by an Anaconda and fires a PA shot into the Anaconda, after banking up to re-acquire the target a wing of four Imperial Eagles light her up with multi-cannon shots. A Flight Assist off flip pulls the Eagles in line to be shot. Karma fires another PA shot at the wing of eagles and hits one of the eagles dead center blowing it up instantly. The remaining Eagles split off to avoid collision after landing a couple shots on the canopy of Karma's hull cracking it.

After shaking the Eagles for a minute Karma moves back onto the Anaconda, she fires another PA volley from around 2000 meters hitting the starboard side. Continuing to move on the Anaconda with the remaining Eagles now in pursuit Karma quickly fires another shot rupturing the Anacondas shields. After passing the Anaconda and pulling off an FA-Off flip the Eagles fly past with one banking too far and collides with an asteroid and explodes. Karma then moves in for the kill on the Anaconda, she lines up over the power plants exhaust and fires two more PA volleys causing the power plant to fail, shortly afterward the anaconda explodes from the inside caused from the unstable power plant.

As the Eagles continue to pursue Karma the Corvettes and Anacondas sitting outside the belt with the rest of the fleet deploy a large group of F63 Condor Fighters and sends them into the belt while continuing to bombard the ring around Karma's position. Karma focuses on the remaining two Eagles clipping one of them again causing it to bounce off her hull and hit an asteroid destroying it. She is a bit shaken from the impact but the damage inflicted is minimal. Then right afterward the last Eagle attempts to pull back into the main fleet. Karma comes to a stop underneath an asteroid and fires a PA volley at around 4000 meters away hitting the Eagle and blowing it up.

Over at the station the Corvos Fleet mobilizes to assist. Fleet Admiral Gabino Barrara will be leading the fleet however, disobeying a direct command from the Fleet Admiral, Vice Admiral Spiegal wakes out to assist before the mobilization finishes. Upon entering supercruise you can see Spiegal's expression of shear anger and fear for his Queens life.

Back at the Belt Karma is being pursued by a large group of F63 Condor Fighters and a wing of Cobras as she dodges and weaves through asteroids. At one point she nearly comes into contact with two huge PA shots from one of the Corvettes that pulled into the belt, the shots pass by her hull and take out three of the Fighters pursuing behind her. Karma returns fire and stops underneath the Corvette for just a second for cover while the Fighters pass by for another run.

Out in a nearby system four unknown FDLs begin charging their FSD and enter into witch-space.

Part 2:

Back into supercruise Vice Admiral Spiegal approaches the distress call, And drops out. Awe struck by the shear size of the fleet Spiegal pulls into the belt and pursues a wing of Cobras pursuing Karma. Karma banks above the asteroid belt and pulls off another FA-off flip and comes into full view of the Fighters pursuing her. She then boosts forward firing multiple PA volleys killing multiple Fighters. Once back into the belt she had received extensive hull damage caused by the Fighters. The remaining fighters bank and then split, one group pursing Spiegal and one pursuing Karma.

Spiegal is still pursuing the Cobras and ends up rupturing the shields of two of them, then he locks on with Pack Hound missiles releasing three volleys. The missiles move in and cripple two of the Cobras, the remaining Cobras then flip around and land a volley of rails on the nose of Spiegal's Clipper. These shots pull his Clipper shields to nearly critical, Spiegal boosts and screams with shear blood lust and hits one of the Cobras at over 420ms instantly killing it with the other clipping his wing crippling it. At this point Spiegal shields have ruptured and his hull strength is at around 80%.

The Fighters finally catch up and move in on Spiegal. He pulls out of the belt bringing the Fighters with him. He then locks on to one of the Corvettes sitting above the belt and fires a volley of hounds directly at it. The hounds impact and do nothing to the shields, the Captain annoyed by this insult sends a group of FDLs guarding the flagships after Spiegal.

Karma continues to evade the fighters and gains enough range to attempt an FSD high wake. As the drive charges up to 50% it fails from being badly damaged. Frustrated she pulls back into the belt Head on into the Fighters. She fires multiple PA volleys at the pursuing Fighters killing the remaining four.

The Corvettes and Anacondas recall their Fighters pursuing Spiegal and move into the belt. Karma engages the lead Corvette and begins the beautiful Dance of Death. She manages to stay under the guns as the large ships and Fighter continue to miss shots and huge PA volleys sometimes only grazing Karma's hull with laser shots.The Dance continues with her PA volleys striking the lead Corvettes shields. The Corvette manages to cell bank through the damage.

As the entire EXO fleet converges on the Dance between Karma and the Corvette flagship they carefully attempt to assist by returning fire in a light show that can be seen from thousand of miles away. As the lead Corvette approaches its final rack of cell banks and the fleet struggles to acquire Karma's signature Spiegal comes back on grid full shields, 60% hull and no FDLs in pursuit.

Back in supercruise the Corvos fleet is en-route.

Part 3:

Back in the asteroid belt Spiegal has split the fleet up to give Karma room to move in for the kill on the flagship. Then all of a sudden four
new contacts come on grid, four unknown FDLs. As these unknown ships come up they immediately enter into silent running. However a visible decal on the hull of these FDLs is visible. The decal is a face of a Black Cat. The FDLs converge on the EXO fleet and fire a volley of rails hitting the flag ship rupturing its shields and damaging one of its drives. The fleet begins to regroup around the crippled flagship and the FDLs come back for another run. They fire again and destroy the flagship in a single strafe.

As Karma feels that the battle is no longer in her favor she pulls back into the asteroid belt, in this moment the Corvos fleet lands on grid led by Fleet Admiral Gabino Barrera in his Imperial Cutter.

Barrera's cutter charges onto the remaining fleet followed by a fleet of 18 Corvos. He fires a barrage of Frag Cannons and boosts through one of the Corvettes splitting it in half. Barrera calls out another Corvette as a primary target and the fleet easily destroys it in a matter of seconds.

As Karma pauses for a moment in relief she spots the unknown blips on the radar, she realizes the FDLs are converging on her position. They then begin firing rail-gun volleys that barely miss her ship. The Dance of Death once again continues as she evades the rails. Spiegal moves in to assist knowing that any second his Queen may meet her demise. With the lighting speed of his Clipper he leaves the two fleets behind and quickly catches up to the FDLs. The FDLs are so persistent in killing Karma they do not realize that they are also being pursued. Spiegal lines up his shots and drills into the thrusters of one of the FDLs, then lets loose the Dogs of War. Once the Pack-Hounds hit the FDL it causes him to jolt to his port side and collides with one of his wing mates, causing them to spin out of control into an asteroid destroying both of them.

Spiegal burns past the remaining two FDLs and banks enough to see the pilot, they glance at each for just a second, long enough for him to give them the finger. He then boosts past them and puts himself between the FDLs and his queen. The FDLs start to unload on him but he manages to dodges a few rail-gun shots. Karma sees the moment to break off and pulls an FA-off flip, flying head on toward Spiegal, they boost simultaneously, Spiegal banks right and Karma banks left while firing a PA volley directly into the wing mate of the lead FDL badly damaging it. The pursuing FDLs pull a FA-off flip and continue in their pursuit, being a much larger ship Spiegal navigates the asteroid belt slowing down and boosting back toward the FDLs to gain the ground lost.

Karma continues to maneuver the belt with the pursuing FDLs tightly following, the lead FDL charges a rail-gun volley and fires, clipping Karma on the port side of her ship destroying her remaining heat sinks. Inside Karma's FDL a rail shot pierces through causing a hull breach, she feels the vacuum of space emptying into her ship. Continuing to evade the pursuing FDLs she can make out the flash of rail-gun rounds missing her ship as the ASE (Artificial Sound Emitter) is no longer operational. She hears nothing but her heartbeat and the sound of her breath. She begins to succumb to
the idea of finally meeting her death, then...

The FDLs fire one final volley that tear through Karma's starboard engine. Inside, the ship violently shakes, her canopy shatters and she loses control. Moving at over 390ms she clips a small asteroid causing her FDL to violently spin, she sees the cracking of her hull around her, then the aft portion of her ship tears from the rest, she looks over her shoulder briefly and sees nothing but the black of space and the icy belt surrounding her. Then another flash as a rail-gun shot tears through the front canopy of her ship hitting her co-pilots seat, the impact slows her rotation, she looks ahead
and sees the silhouette of a large asteroid directly in front of her, she takes a deep breath...

Part 4:

Spiegal watches helplessly as his Queens FDL is torn to pieces and then heartbroken. He watches as she collide with a large asteroid buckling the rest of her ship and tearing in half. Filled with tears he screams in anger and grief, the scream is heard throughout the comms of the Corvos fleet. Admiral Barrera still in the heat of battle and assumes the worst. He orders the rest of the fleet to continue to annihilate the fleeing EXO fleet. Then over public comms a methodical laugh can be heard followed by a slow MEEEOOOW. The FDLs pull out of the asteroid field and charge their FSD, Speigal still pursuing watches as these cowards enter into witch space. Admiral Barrera calls him back to the fleet for assistance as his ship is badly damaged however, blindly angered at the death of his Queen he turns off his Corvos comms and selects a random system in front of him to jump to, with the hope that he will land behind the cowards that killed his Queen....

Karma now floating inside the crushed remains of her FDL looks around, she can sees her fleet in fierce combat with the enemy. Explosions, lasers and missiles being fired all over the belt "The beauty of death" she think to herself. Karma then smiles and says "not even an entire fleet can kill me". Then she feels intense pain, looks down and can see a piece of jagged wreckage sticking out the left side of her chest. She looks around and can see globes of her blood begining to freeze. The pain is so intense that she no longer feels it, her body in shock, even more problematic she can feel the freezing of the dark void of space around the wound in her chest, freezing around the rod. She tries to move but realizes that this piece of debris is still connected to her twisted ship. Continuing to look around she noticed that her visor is cracked, slowly releasing oxygen. She looks around her cockpit to try and find the emergency kit with the bonding agent that she could use to close the cracks in her visor. Although she cannot move nor can even recognize her cockpit anymore, it is charred and twisted, chunks of rock and debris float around her. The Aft and starboard section torn from the ship and the canopy filled with large holes and tears. The oxygen capicity display on her visor flickers as it depleates erratically. Her vision gets darker and she looks around for her fleet, but nothing is visible, she is alone, in the void of space. She tips her head back and looks at the beauty of the blue star cascading through the system. She smiles to herself and mutters one word... Karma....

Pat 5:

Spiegal lands at the star in the system, and to his relief can make out two FDLs in supercruise, he moves in and interdicts one of the FDLs, his target submits, after falling out his public comm light up with the words "guess you can join her". The FDLs circle around him, just silent blips on the radar. He sees the charge of energy from one, and boosts, barley evading a rail-gun round. He starts the Dance of Death with the two FDLs. Spiegal ship is badly damaged. He's not able to get a lock on the FDLs, his multi-cannon is out of ammo and his burst lasers fails every other shot. He starts to succumb to the grief, he begins to feel death closing in however, in an instant, he feels the rush of anger and yells out load. Spiegal
pulls off an FA-off flip knowing that he will be hit with rails, he slowly turn and hears the impact of the rails on his shields, he fires off his final cell bank, boosts straight into the FDLs and hits one of them destroying his shields and slightly buckling the nose of his clipper. The FDL hit was already badly damage, now attempting to regain its stealthing capabilities he locks and and releases the hounds, laughing as every one of them pierce the hull of the FDL destroying it.

He then begins to fire his damaged laser at the final FDL, the wing leader. His laser fails again but not before he sees a small part of debris tear off the hull of the FDL. The FDL is now on grid, dumping heat for a few seconds as the debris was his heat sinks. Spiegal then hears the FSD detected notification and watches as the engines of the FDL flair up and pull away from him. He locks on and fires three volleys of hounds at the FDL, he then boosts so as to keep lock on the ship and watches as the hounds approach the FDL, only meters away he is filled with adrenaline, then... in a flash
of light the FDL low wakes, screaming at the shear audacity of this pilot he charges his FSD but...

Lights flash and the missile notification goes off! The hound are returning home, with only one heat signature to follow...

Speigal looks as the cloud approaches, he pulls up and laughs... then mutters, it takes me to kill me...

Then Impact...

Barrara continues to finnish off the remaining EXO fleet, interdicting another Corvette in supercruise. When they drop out they colide with one another. Then more targets drop in to assist. Gabino fires off a cell bank and pulls away from the group, as he slowly turn around he boosts again. Flying head on into the ships pursuing him. Gabino fires off another cell bank and a volly of frag rounds at the Corvette he interdicted. The Corvette pulls up as Gabino drills through his belly splitting yet another Corvette in half. The Impact caused is shields to rupture. The remaining ships instead of fighting
run like cowards. Barrara jumps back into supercruise to pursue the remaining fleet...

Part 6:

Speigal comes too, looks around and yells "you see mother fucker! even i cant kill me! i will find you!! and i will KILL you!!!" He looks up at his cracked canopy, grabs his flight stick, then something catches his eye, a large wing.. floating in front of him. Speigal starts to laugh, checks his systems and realizes that his thrusters are completely destroyed and a large portion of his ship is missing. He hails Admiral Barrera for a pickup...

Speigal looks to his left and see that his personal items cabinet was blown open, floating past his face is his pipe, he reaches for it but he is still strapped in. He unlatches his restraints then looks up as his pipe bounces off the glass. He watches as the glass slowly cracks, he mutters quietly "god dammit, that was a good pipe" he quickly grabs his restraints and tries to latch them back. The glass breaks and his canopy empties into space. Spiegal is ripped from his seat only holding onto the strap from his restraint, as the oxygen rushes past him he feels his hand slowly crushed. The restraint was wrapped around his hand. After it all settles he pulls himself back into his canopy, sits back into his seat and hails Admiral Barrera.
CMDR Spartan picks up the hail, Spiegal says "I have 25 minutes for you to get your fat ass over here and pick me up." Spartan replies "maybe i should leave your black ass out there.... dont't worry i am almost there, sit tight" Speigal asks "were is Gabino? why are you picking me up" Spartan replies in an unnerving voice" He going to sift through the wreckage of Karma's ship." Speigal pauses for a moment, and exclaims "hey if you see my pipe on the way out here will you grab it for me? i need a smoke after that. i...i don't know how i should feel, shes gone Spartan..."

Gabino comes up on the wreckage of Karma's FDL. He gets out of his seat. Heads into the airlock opens the door and steps outside. He checks his lead to make sure it is secured then Leaps off the steps and gracefully floats toward the wreckage. On arrival he goes inside through the stern, what remains of it at least. He looks around and finds Karma floating with a large rod sticking through her body that is tangled with the rest of the ship pinning her inside the ship. Gabino grabs his plasma torch from his tool belt and cuts both sides of the rod so she can be moved. He grabs her and pulls
her out of the stern of the ship. He starts to retract his lead back toward his Cutter. Holding onto Karma's Corpse, the short ride back to his ship felt like it lasted for hours. He steps back on the steps and carefully maneuvered her body into the airlock. Once inside he begins to closes the exterior while looking out at the wreckage of the FDL.

He sat there for a second removes Karma's visor then grabs her hand gently and says "you did good, you died honorably, i will continue in your footsteps, i promise. These dogs that call themselves EXO will pay for this."

Then he watches as Karma's fingers move slightly and he feels his hand being squeezed, for just a second...


That was fucking awesome!!!!!! Sad I'm not in it but still I loved it!!!! Karma you need to write a book on the story of corvos I would read it so many damn times
fucking love it
this was the only thing thats getting me through my day
Lol your welcome, it had a few typos, if you find any more let me know.

And everyone is in it btw, their is only 3 people names, the rest of you are in Gabino's fleet wrecking the EXO fleet.

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