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Come Children

Vim / Jun 01, 2016
Good Morning my Corvi.

I request your presence in the Sothis Solar System.

All efforts around the Galaxy are to cease and you are to head out there immediately.

There is a great deal of Commanders that are simply flying to safely filling their pockets with millions. They need to be reminded of how our Galaxy works.

However, if you are feeling a bit on the needy side Sothis can provide. Come out here and make your millions so we can better ourselves. Once you have had your fill then i deem it fit to say that the rest of the scourge out in Sothis have had theirs too. And now their greedy little bellies are sore, spill those bellies open for me.

Remember to look for specific missions that take you between CEOS and Sothis. There is no need for you to have to return back to populated space as the local area provides more...

Any ship will do, at a minimum i expect to see you in an Asp however, a Python is much more suited for the task at hand. If you are feeling the trip an Anaconda, Corvette or Cutter will do just as well.



T J 132456
*KSHH* "Sorry sir what was *KSSSHH* -ardly read yo- *KSH* Strange anomaly messing with - *KKKKKRRRRSHH* Damn Comms! Im planetsi- *PSHH* engine's offline, gotta find a way-*KSHHH* damn rock!"
I Krieg l
I'm there. I'm just currently working my way up to the ass kissing reputation with those factions so they can pay me the big bucks.
Yes do the data delivery missions to CEOS to get quick rep

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