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Deployment #1

Vim / Aug 26, 2016
Good evening...

The Galaxy has been in an uproar because of all these rumored Alien sightings. I see it as a bunch of Tin-Foil hats starting a ruckus. Try not to let these Tin-Foil hats fill your mind with bullshit. We have more important things on the horizon.

It has come to my attention that our neighbors over in Beta-1 Tucanae have been using our name, not to mention they have expanded larger than expected. Because of this Dark Syndicate is in a state of War with them.

Both Vail and Corvos are to participate.

Deployment Details:

Destination: Beta-1 Tucanae.
Allegiance: Empire.
Active Size: 2-4 Wings.
Wing Comp: Shield Breaker, Sub-Capital Warfare, Thermal Shock.
Play Style: Station Games (They are willing to move into supercruise.)
Reaction Time: Full Force 45-90 minutes window.
Timezone: PST, CST.
End Date: 09/01/16

Our first encounter with the Ascended was rather poor on our part. Some shoddy messages and an assault on one of their members pinged them to full force in about an hour. This was set up as a spur of the moment sort of thing to test their reaction time and gain intel on their fleet. We were very disorganized and suffered one loss two close calls and only got close to killing one other Commander. They managed to field three wings however, the third wing was reported in another instance. Because of their size you are not to give them an Anchor unless a Wing Leader states otherwise.

The best choice of action is to lead them into supercruise. Do not get overwhelmed by two or more wings running thermal shock. Keep it smart and pay close attention to detail, inspect ships on field if possible and look out for their dedicated shield breaker or other shield breaker builds.

Please post your Kills & Deaths in the thread below so they can be recorded.

pending due to thread creation...

I understand that we are almost finished with our restructure, if this War turns out to be a no go i will re-initiate our War status at a later date.

Enjoy and fly safe...

War Target's Will NOT Combat Log!
(Record and send video proof to Vim if you experience any combat logging in said destination.)


T J 132456
I assume this is PvP, and there isn't a minor faction in state of war. Am I correct?
If you read the post yes...
T J 132456
There was no mention of "No this isn't PvE". I've read the post.
you have spy's i think i seen a copy of this on the discord unless you gave out the info your self
So how can i do my part?
No people can see this matt cause it's not members only forums

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