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Our Kind not wanted, New and Difficult Deployment!

Vim / Sep 14, 2016
Once again i have been absent, Elite for me is a little too "Hot" if you know what i mean. But i do get on from time to time and brush off some dust on my unsuspecting victims. Lately i have been blowing off some steam in Ark now that i have started the Corvos Dedicated Server. I have little to absolutely no time at all to play anything. Ask Gambino he knows because he is the only one i play with when i do get on.

But this is not about my Absence nor is it About Fucking Dinosaurs to my Hearts Content. This is about the new Expansion around JacknOffnMyAsp Station about 20,000 LY away. Take a quick look at this email.

"Zac Antonaci

7:36 AM, 09-14-2016

Greetings wonderful Elite Dangerous group leaders!

I wanted to get in touch with you to talk about Jaques and the population of the second bubble.

Many Commanders have been taking part in the development of this bubble roughly 20,000 light years from our current human space. The response has been fantastic and the first planetary port is now in. Soon we will see a small number of NPC minor factions develop as the bubble begins to be colonised and we’re asking you, our loyal player groups, to come and join in!

As groups, you have grown and developed your factions over the last year + and now you can have the chance to create a second, mirrored faction and planetary port set up in the new bubble.

Here’s what we’re considering…

Every month player groups would nominate themselves to try and build a branch of their faction near Jaques. Each month we will hold a public vote and the groups with the most votes will be selected to get complete a CG. If their groups completes the CG then they will have built a faction near Jaques.

Then the fun really starts. As with all factions the background sim changes. If your faction was to retreat fully, the final place it will be retreated to will be Jaques station itself. This means that any faction retreated all the way back to Jaques would be removed and effectively removed from the new bubble. Consider this a new space, somewhere that powers haven’t taken dominance over yet and you can join and become a part of the story, form meaningful alliances and gain and hold your own territory.

Logistically, we would probably start off with a larger number of groups in the first month try the CG and then each month we would get a small number of groups from the votes to do the CG and attempt to head out there.

All factions created after a successful CG will be added into a location and with the base type and economy type being determined by Frontier and will be a completely new faction in the second bubble. This to allow the process to be manageable.

What we would like is your feedback. We want to know how many groups would be interested in taking part and having their own CG to get a faction out in the second bubble.

All thoughts welcome. Please do reply back and let us know your thoughts and if you and your band of space brothers would be interested in taking on new frontiers.

Zac Antonaci
Head of Community
Frontier Developments"

Interesting? Here is my Reply...

"Awesome however, this singles out PvE groups. No one will Vote for Pirate or Terrorist groups. What is your thought on that. Corvos, Vail, Dark Syndicate, Space Cats all these groups are publically hated for PvP and have no chance to be in the Area."

He then gets back to me with an all but sad reply...

"Hi -redacted-, the difficulty here is that there are two clear options we have to selecting groups, and some groups have to be selected.

The first would be based on their minor faction size. But people will claim that adopted factions have more advantage and you’ll end up with the same groups as the Dangerous Games.

This way which means that it’s a public vote. Now I understand that the public vote means that some player groups won’t get voted but on the flip side it is giving the highest number of players a chance to participate first"

Ouch!..... Guess we are the Minority, this is a already a known thing. The thing that bothers me is he is basically saying that the only groups alowed to get a faction in the new bubble are the Fucking Faggot Carebears like EXO (EXtream Ovaries), PBSF (Pussy Boys Suck Farts) and all the other Stupid Butt Fucking Fagtarded Babies.


Big words their... not really they make me look weak and a fool. But i am a loss for words. Do we not support what is "Elite Dangerous"? None the less i feel we should see this as a good thing. No more mercy, no more alliances, no more Code of Conduct for fighting. If our enemies can Combat Log and crawl up Frontiers ass for safe haven, then why should we be merciful?

Great pilots like thenicko33, melonpopper and kultaking for example. They seemed to have figured this rule long ago. No mercy for the weak, no mercy for the strong, no mercy period!

When these CGs pop up, i think we should pay them a visit and be as big of a pain in the ass as humanly possible. We shall undermine, UA bomb, Kill "EVERYONE" with out cause, Blockade and stop the CGs and if we see Thargoids along the way and they want war... Join them..... if not they shall feel the same wrath as the rest of the Galaxy.

Now we shall go on a Trip, in our Favorite Rocket Ship. We'll be soaring through the void to our new horizon of death and despair, darkness incarnate, we shallt strike fear into the very souls for generations to come...


You should ask the devs if we can align ourselves with the alien races that would want humanity destroyed... So it adds to RP
I do think they should revamp the faction system its completely broken but im with Vicious on this one it could provide more leverage for us as a whole to be with the aliens.
T J 132456
Part of the Alliance was with the Thargoids, if I'm not mistaken.. so this is lore friendly to side with the aliens!
Thargoids are gay
They are jelly cause i get more Feds than them
T J 132456
Before I knew anyone who played Elite, I considered signing up with the alliance for the future chance of getting in bed with the Thargoids.. I guess you could call them bed bugs at this point.
Im all for disrupting the cgs for any faction that is voted before ours. Only issue w have though are the private groups.

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